You would like to grow your business, but you cannot find the people you need to support you with that? You have tried everything: interim agencies, recruitment companies, referral programs, Facebook ads, external communication agencies, all without success?


Let me solve this for you!

Do you recognize this?

A lot of job opportunities stay vacant, however, there is a lot of talent on the job market. 

A lot of talent, you just don’t see it.

I help companies with an international footprint to:


1.    Fill your vacancies quicker with the right talent

2.      Grow your business thanks to talented people 

3.      Decrease recruitment costs

4.      Align your Corporate & Employer branding and let it shine

5.    Attract more candidates from different types of                 talent pools – think out of the box


You offer a job opportunity to the market, that’s why I build bridges between the HR and the Marketing team so that your candidate experience becomes memorable and consistent. Know more about me here.

Katherina Swings,

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Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt? A talent treasure hunt? A journey towards numerous hidden treasures on our job market who are happy to go for your job opportunities?

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Thais Compoint

Award-winning TEDx Speaker,

Global Expert on Inclusive Leadership

 'Katherina is my go-to person for inclusive recruitment.' 

Benny Moonen

CEO Devoteam Belgium

‘We just had a new recruitment team and the challenge to hire a lot of people when we worked together with Katherina. With her fresh ‘outside-in-view’, she accompanied us with the assessment and optimization of our recruitment process. She drew our attention to the perspective of the candidate. It struck me how easily she connected with various people within my organisation, how fast she had a feel for our company culture and organisation and how she included that spontaneously into her work with us.’

Gunilla de Graef

Trainer / Advisor at Juntar,

Lecturer at Karel de Grote Hogeschool

Today's job candidates seem to need about 17 touch points before they can feel that they 'know', 'like', 'trust' you. In her up-tempo, inspiring workshop, Katherina offers at least as many. 17 and more inspiring tips to boost your vacancies, to see the whole talent pool and make a good catch. By the end of the day, you can do nothing else then to know, like and trust this HR expert.

Yoni Szpiro

CEO Generations Recruitment

Katherina has conducted a fantastic session at Generations Recruitment, on the thematic of Diversity and Inclusion. She has well understood the vision my Company is looking to promote on the recruitment market and guided us with our primary
objective to develop a "Charter of engagements" on the subject.
In a very efficient way, Katherina has been able to clarify the concepts to the teams as well as deliver on expectations.
I would highly recommend working together with Katherina in your journey to build a better, more diverse and inclusive world.

Bart Tuyls

HR Director, BMT Drive Solutions (VCST)

"We had a very interesting session with Katherina on Recruitment, Selection and Employer branding. It was a very structured yet collaborative approach, tailored to our needs, providing answers and insights that are absolutely helpful in our War for Talent.
These insights allow us to position ourselves better in the labour market and to increase our attractiveness towards future candidates. Seeing things from the perspective of the candidate really opened up our eyes!"

Anouk De Maere

Business Unit Manager at Metiselect

We wanted to attract the right candidates via our job ads. Katherina has built an internal journey for us. With workgroups, we have created awareness amongst the teams. After that, the whole team has been trained. Throughout the whole process, Katherina took our challenges into account. We have better insights now and we will continue to build on them. Before Katherina took us on this journey we didn't realise how we could use the employee value proposition to improve our job ads."

Erik Leung Shun

Erik Leung BV

"It's always great to see Katherina in action. We met during a PMI event and subsequently we worked together on some subjects concerning Change. You can always expect three things when working with Katherina:
1) Expertise: Katherina will use her extensive knowledge in Recruiting, Change management and HR to help you out with your current issues.
2) Empathy: Katherina has the ability to very quickly understand your perspective of the issues at hand.
3) Fun: After a session with Katherina, you can't be in a bad mood. Her energy and presence light up a room!
She is great in workshops, keynotes and other inspiring activities, but her real strengths come to play in close interactions. I would love to work with Katherina again."

Jo Van Haecke


"Katherina's approach to making us aware of diversity in its many aspects was very interactive and non-traditional."

Armin Vermerris


"Katherina is an extremely capable, reliable, collaborative and warm person to work with. Katherina's approach is all about inclusiveness and giving people a comfortable feeling to search and explore for the uncomfortable, namely change. This makes her a great professional in the fields of coaching, change management, communications, collaboration, teamwork but also self-reflection and awareness. The result of her work is immediately, but also for a longer-term visible, as she does not only touch the surface but goes deeper into values, beliefs and behaviours."

Matthias Van Holm,


I appreciate Katherina as a solid HR professional but I most appreciate her listening skills, her ability to connect and engage with stakeholders and employees across the spectrum, and her professional can-do attitude, and step back capacity when handling challenging matters.'


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