Would you like to grow your business but can’t find the right people?

Have you tried everything?
Interim agencies, recruitment companies, referral programs, Facebook ads, external communication agencies, ... all without success? 

Let me solve this problem for you.

Katherina Swings,

Talent Treasure Guide

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9 Effective ways to stand out from the crowd when hiring

Do you recognize this?

A lot of job opportunities don't get filled. However, there is a lot of talent on the job market - you just don’t see it.

I help companies with an international

footprint to:

01. Fill  vacancies quicker with the right talent

02. Grow  business thanks to talented people 

03. Decrease recruitment costs

04. Align corporate & employer branding and let it shine

05. Attract more candidates from different types of talent pools – think out of the box

When you offer a job opportunity to the market, I help by building bridges between the HR and the Marketing team. That way your candidate experience becomes memorable and consistent.

Working with me

Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt for talent?  A journey towards lots of hidden treasures in our job market? One the way you'll discover amazing candidates who are perfect for your job opportunities!

How can I empower you ?

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