Eileen Mulry

Vice President

Human Resources at SRAM

I love what you are doing. Keep up the inspiration.

You help make me better at my job!

Blog #124: What you need to know about brain chemistry to attract & engage your next new hire - 4 neuro chemicals

"650 HR professionals together in a room with amazing speakers like the neuroscientist,Sangbreeta Moitra last week at the Vlerick HR Day."

Blog #125: How a home made cake​ can inspire you to attract and keep your new hire - 3 examples

"I couldn't believe my eyes. My daughter of 13 baked a fancy drip cake. In layers, with homemade whipped cream, with fresh vegetables and dark chocolate..."

Blog #126: Job interview practice that scares off 😱 your best candidates - 3 examples how to avoid this

One of my best friends is an experienced sales professional who has worked in different countries. Lately, she has been looking for another job.

Blog #127: Why should you involve the team in the talent attraction process? - 3 benefits

"This is your new colleague", my boss at the time told me. And there she was. I had no clue about her as a person, as a professional. No further introduction was made.

Blog #128: How to find your next new hire when 'everybody'​ is on holiday - 5 summer hacks

“Everything is slowing down. People are taking holidays now. We put our vacancies on hold for the moment.”, the CEO confides me. Is that a good idea? Are you missing opportunities...

Blog # 129: A new hire thanks to the music - 5 sound tips

A concert of crickets brings me into the summertime mood immediately. Just brought my daughter to a French host family and I am enjoying the French atmosphere including the sound.

Blog #130: How taking a plane teaches you about the importance of pre- & onboarding - 5 learnings

Are you or have you taken a plane this summer to fly✈️ to your holiday destination? I am sure you have checked your passport, your flight tickets...

Blog #131: Longing to attract new hires? - 5 essential marketing steps

I love coffee☕️. Coffee in the morning on my terrace is a moment of joy and gives me a holiday feeling even if it is the start of a working day. With a pinch of cardamom, it even gets better. Coffee used to be a product that went unnoticed.

Blog #132: Teenagers teaching life lessons that will help you attract your next new hire...

“I do not want to talk to you. Message it to me.” My teenage boy lets me know. It upsets me. Why doesn’t he want to talk to me? He has reached out to me because he is home alone.

Blog #133: How an ancient old greek myth can inspire us to discover untapped potential...

“I am only the son of a blue-collar.” My father used to repeat it until he passed away… Even though he had accomplished a lot in his life: He reached the level of a sales director (without higher education, because he had to bring money home).

Blog #134: What if you would run your hiring process the same way you would run a hotel? - 3 what ifs

This morning I was musing about our road trip this summer to Sweden. I hit the road with my two teenagers. We had booked one week in a chalet in Sweden, but we would drive slowly up north and slowly down south again without any upfront bookings.